Hollow Knight Moonlit tower

Hey there!
I recently made this model and added clouds using the new mesh to volume-workflow.

It was a lot of fun :slight_smile: :grinning:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

That´s both fun and unexpected to hear!

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Good job man, the composition is awesome!

Thanks alot! I changed my mind a few times about what to actually put into the scene and how to acheive good lighting.

It´t funny, in the past I would have used maby Maya for hard surfacemodels, ZBrush for sculpting and posing and then Photoshop for filters and compositing.

Now I do all that inside Blender. Really amazing when you think about ut!

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Late answer, but I totally agree. I never had the privilege to really dig into other 3D software than blender (Except a bit of C4D, I prefer blender by far), but the more I am using it, the more I like it. Of course it has limitations, but that is where the fun lies. And it is incredible how many parts of the pipeline are supported and how well Blender competes with just about everything else.

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