Hollowing out a cube

Hey guys,
I was hoping someone could help me hollow out a cube. My idea is to have a icosphere fully enclosed within the cube and use boolean operations to hollow it out. http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a357/qwert1_2/?action=view&current=hollowcubeidea.jpghttp://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a357/qwert1_2/?action=view&current=hollowcube.jpg&Link
The reason I’m doing this is so i can use a 3d printer to print them out.
I have been working with boolean operations but they dont seem to work when the sphere is fully within the cube.

So my second idea is to split the cube in half, use the difference modify to each half, and then put them back together. Link

Will either of these ways work?
If so how do i go about doin it.

Thanks a million

you know these are already hollow? Everything in blender is hollow. You can go inside and look at the shell.

You’ve got it right there man. Just join the two meshes together (I mean, into one object) and make sure the normals are the right way, and you’re done!

just to phrase it again, you just need to join the two objects, and flip the normals of the sphere.
unless of course, you want holes or something in it, in which case you can probably do some boolean operations to accomplish that.

is there some reason you need a icosphere shape in the middle?

why not select all the verts>duplicate>Alt+S (scale along normal) and create a shell inside

or if you use 2.5 - just add a solidify modifier

The only problem is, is that im trying to make sure it will print properly when i send it off to the 3d printer…

it seems weird that you would have to put a shape inside the mesh for it to print a cube properly

are you sure you don’t have a problem with a non-manifold mesh, or double verts?

if you are sending it off to the 3d printer (as in company or person) - they should fix the mesh for you
if you are sending it to your 3d printer (as in your device) - I would ask the people you wrote the software how to correctly prepare the mesh for printing