Hollywood Tour for CG/Photography Nuts?

I may be going on one of those cheesy Hollywood tours with friends. There are many to choose from, as long as your main interest is gawking at movie stars’ houses, a few famous building such as the Chinese Theater, and see the stars and handprints on the sidewalk. None seem to let you go into an actual studio, borrow a camera and steadicam, and let you help shoot footage for the upcoming blockbuster :stuck_out_tongue: Okay, dream on…

But seriously for those of use more interested in the camera, lights, CG, blue screens, effects, editing and compositing than in actors, what in Hollywood and surrounding areas should be be sure not to miss? Do any of the standard pay-for tours include the good stuff? Or will I just have to drive around and find things myself?

Its Christmas, take one day to celebrate the true celebrity.

ALL the others will fail you and leave you wanting.