holocaust in london steampubk competition

Ive been trying to upload this image for this competition for around half an hour but itbwont upload and i wont be able to upload to the competition and i spend hours to it anyways so here it is a steampunk apocalypse sean and here is the discription
Software used : blender and gimp (for texturing and the rain)

Discription :so here is a steampunk apocalypse inwhich nazi want to conquer the paris and in order to do that they have to destroy the tesla coil which is the main source of energy but the templr (the natural enemy of illuminati and the top rankers of the nazi army were the illuminatists are standing against them so…in between all the chaos there are innocent people who are dying only for the sake of power thirst soo i want to capture the feeling of dark world and the warm feeling of humanity in this barbaric world which is depected by the main emphasis o: this picture (a man who want to help an injured dog )… P.s. ignore that unwanted cracks over the dark gap… Anyways i hope u like it and please tell me sonething to improve… Thank