reworked an old image (stone corpse) by retexturing it and adding the background and tenticle things. A couple textures in photoshop, everything else pure blender, no post-processing. Render time approx. 55 minutes on a 2.4Ghz processor. C&C very welcome, thanks.

< larger version at http://www.freewebs.com/arowe/holocaust.htm >


Holy crap Arowe!

This is probably the most artistic and original Blender piece I have ever seen! :o

Superb texturing and the lighting is perfect.

I have nothing else to say.


awesome work indeed :smiley: , Im doing the similar tenticle thing on the eagle war im working on.

That’s pretty freaking amazing. This piece can easily pass as a painting. Very cool!

NICE! :smiley:

Tell me. How do you make those tentacle things? I hear its called ‘Paricle Duplicating’

I read about it here:

I’ve been trying for ages to understand how to do it. But it never works.

Is there a tutorial I can follow to do this?


looks like me in the morning :smiley: and wauw what a great pic :smiley: and thats what I can call a goood job right? no great job! :smiley:

Awesome! You should be making movies with blender! :slight_smile:
Interesting textures you have there and very artistic pic.

BTW, in case some of you don’t know, Arowe has received 4 stars over at CG Talk for this image.

Congrats Arowe!



Awesome :o


Cool image Arowe!!! This is Art!!!
And seeing Blender artists presence in CGTalk growing up more and more is great too :smiley:
(wow, 4 stars… this means award winning, is’nt that?)

Aargh! That’s right on the spot… sickening…


Hmmm, I personally don’t like the image. The head model seems to be out of proportion - nose too small compared to the mouth and eyes too high up and too far forward. Topology looks a bit off too.

I’m afraid I don’t know enough about the symbolism relating to the holocaust so perhaps the wavy lines mean something I don’t understand. I do see the reference to decay but no more.

Don’t take my crit to heart. I’m sure that the people here and at CGTalk know far more about art than I do. Congratulations on the stars at CG talk, btw.

What I am impressed by is how you got the image to look like that without post-pro.

Oh man… This is amazing… :o And sickening…
Awesome Work!!! :smiley:

Excellant work, great style

BgDM - thanks! That’s a real compliment, coming from you!

Rolando - thanks very much!

Skottish - thans :smiley:

redbyte - thanks alot! Ok, basically here’s what I did for the tenticles: I duplicated the top half of the head to make the particle emitter, added a musgrave texture in the 8th texture channel(the one that affects particles) and set the particles to static, “step” to 1, and played around a bit with the other values. Then I added a lvery ow-poly sphere, set a size keyframe in frame 1, went ahead 100 frames and scaled it smaller and set another size keyframe. Then I parented the sphere to the emitter and clicked “dupliverts” on the emitter, and then I set the Life of the particle emitter to the same as the number of frames in the ipo for the sphere. Then I released the dupliverted objects(shift+ctrl+a) and joined them all as a single object and applied a displacement map to add some variety. Hope that helps!

Hykëp - thanks:)

toonist - lol no chance I’m making this into a movie. It took almost an hour to render this, so a whole animation will take ages :o

S68 - thanks!

TiZeta - thanks alot:) I am honoured by the 4 stars.

md01 - thanks!

osxrules - no worries, everyone has their opinion. It actually has nothing to do with the actual holocaust, really, the name just seemed to fit for me.

lemmy - thanks!

Kansas_15 - thanks alot!

you people are too kind:)

ouffff what a greate job… EXCELENT… I love this illustration.
Idea is cool.