holodeck idea

You could use velcrow on the motor and on the belt of a conveyer belt.then disconnect the motor from the conveyor that goes in any direction.Then project the image on the walls and on top of the conveyer belt that is the whole floor.They have projected animations on walls and floor before.

How is this different from combining one of those new omni-directional treadmills with a VR headset?

Why would you think it’d be a more advanced way at all (that being until we either figure out the concept of Photonic Energy as seen in Star Trek or figure out a way to ‘jack’ people in like in The Matrix, the latter not even needing a dedicated room)?

Simply because you would not have wear a headset and you could use your real eyes.You mean they already have omnidirectional treadmills.Matrix stile holodecks are not an option.What if a rich person stayed in it too long.They would get bedsores or loose the ability to walk.