Holograhpic Projection Table

This is my attempt at a Holographic-Projection Table, like the ones you might see in the command centers of Sci-Fi Spaceships.

It’s made of metal, with the top being constructed of some futuristic material, and some sort of ring/band/edging around the outside edge of the top surface.
Includes the “Hologram Beam” (aka a spot with halo enabled), and a holographic ship (of my own design) schematic.
Is all fully textured, although i didn’t make all of the textures. The metal texture and the table-top edging texture are not mine, however, the top of the table texture is completely my own design (with a little help from Photoshop).

Please give any feedback and ideas for improvement. Also, if anyone knows how to fix the texture on the side of the top part of the table, please let me know

Looks very good! Good Work!

you mean the stretching of the texture?
to fix that will take UV unwrapping.

for the ship, i would suggest turning on ztransparent, and setting the alpha value to something around .5, instead of a wireframe.

I very much like the texture on the top of the table. It’s very good. I agree with spacetug about the ship. Finally, you might want to work on the lighting: soft shadows, if you built a floor some ambient occlusion will probably look nice.
It’s looking good.

thanks spacetug, but i haven’t really tried UV unwrapping yet.
In fact, i don’t even know how to unwrap it. I used to know, but i’ve forgotten
I’ll try the transparency idea, and then decide what looks better.


Yeah, lighting is really difficult to get right. I’ve since tried making the rest of a command center to go around it, but lighting and textures kept screwing up.

Also, thanks for the complements about the texture, i’ve included it below, take a closer look, and feel free to use for any of your own projects (that goes for anyone else as well, just give credit please).