hologram print and tangent normal map?

I have a strange idea. :slight_smile:
You know the hologram prints like this: http://www.hologramtechnology.net/images/Transparent_Decal_Hologram.jpg

As I know this technique is like the normal maps: it can change the direction of the surface.

So my idea:
-make a hipoly sculpt and a very lowpoly target model - lowpoly can be use for paper cut figure (like this: http://cubeecraft.com/characters/weapons_pack1.jpg)
-bake tangent normal map from hipoly to lowpoly
-print the baked tangent texture as hologram print
-cut out the paper figure and make the 3d shape

What do you think?
We need somebody who understand the hologram print thing.

I would check with the printers, I imagine they have their methods. As a side note I saw a Chuck Close exhibit with amazing holograms, it can work out pretty well.