Hologram/Wire face

Hey all, just came up with some idea to make some wire face that could look like it is a hologram. This is what I have so far, I’m now at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it? ideas and criticisms welcome and actively looked for, haha.

Here you might want to check this out: http://www.blendernation.com/making-a-hologram-in-blender-tutorial/

thanks mate.
I called this a hologram though because I didn’t know what else to call it. I just liked the idea of making it out of wires instead of a texturing setup, haha also meant I didn’t need to do a detailed face to begin with. I think I’ll put some kind of projector looking thing behind it so it looks like it.

Ok actually here is a change so it looks like it is made from wire or copper. It is more what I had in mind. Instead of a hologram projecting out more of an actually metal face that if I knew how I could make to actually talk. Made a security device or something like that.

ok I have now given it a projection type port that also has a light inside it so to project onto the face so you can see it. Now I need to work on the wall behind it, maybe give it a reason for being there. Any ideas or crits?

it now has eyes. probably too much light from outside

her it is with only the interior light and AO on

Hi Sammo54,

I once had an idea for something kinda similar…it would be a bit hard to describe and I can’t afford the projectors to expirement with. Basically, the idea was to have a hologram face, much like you created, greet visitors as they enter a building, wishing them a warm welcome and hoping they enjoyed their visit.

I’m thinking like the camera (in blender) being the eyes of someone entering a building, as they enter, your projector glows and projects your head model. Then the face is animated and greets the visitor…does that make sense??

Would be very interested in what you do with this, I think it’s an interesting concept and like I said, similar to what I thought about.

Nice job!!!


Yeah Randy I do know what you area talking about, it’s what I was thinking also. With the first picture I was looking at making it a projector, but now im more thinking of metal wires that sort of fold down within the caster area and when someone comes up it opens up and come out. That’s why the eyes are attached directly to the caster so there is a link and they can move around with the head as it follows people. Next I need to work on the mouth and lips. Need to find a tute to do with lip syncing

Great Sammo54, can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

And see, there is proof, great minds think alike…hahahhaha

Nice idea. I would lose the middle wire, as the figure becomes very dense towards the center…

i was thinking of doing that yoff. Im also going to go back to the curves mesh and see how it looks with bezier curves instead of poly. Maybe even nurbs curves, we’ll see what looks best

I changed the wires in the original to nurbs curves, they have made everything look a fair bit smoother, The only problem with that is that if you convert to a mesh to make shape keys etc with for lip syncing stuff you get a ridiculous amount of vertices. Does anyone know away that all the knots can be smoothed out without increasing the vertix count so much?
Also got rid of the middle wire and the eyes for now and gave it more of a mouth.

here’s the improved mesh with a mist setting. Are you able to do anything with curves for lip syncing or shape keys does anyone know?