Holograms, is it possible?

Yeah, that’s probably a way :slight_smile:
Distorting space by using gravitones…
Those are the only particles that are able to deform space. Also they are the only ones which aren’t yet found inside the standard theory.

However, distorting space enough would probably mean something of the gravitational capacities of a black hole. So that then would fuck up gravity, lol

Gravity is a topic on its own, though, seeing the nowhere rotating Enterprise, floating in space without the passangers floating as well (except some random device bursts :))

Would be cool, though.

This actually was not a hologram at all - they just filmed the reporter from a bunch of cameras arranged around her like a circle and then inserted the video from the camera that most closely matched the live camera’s angle into the live feed. The news anchor didn’t even see the reporter on the set, iirc he looked at a red dot for a visual reference.

Slightly off topic, but on this topic I once saw an amazing TED talk about some guy hacking his wiimote to act as a form of headtracking camera, you can see all about it here: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=jcl5m#p/a/u/0/Jd3-eiid-Uw

This would work with stereoscopic glasses, too, I think. That way you have the parallax effect of a hologram mixed with stereoscopy to make some form of animated hologram (although the principle is fundamentally different).

This guy also offers the software to do this on his site, it’s really cool. In fact, I think I’m gonna try it this holiday…

4Daniel: Due to that reason, that same Guy was then hired by Microsoft to work on their Controller-free Input device…
Sure it would work with stereoscopic glasses as well. The light stuff would need some adjustments, though. You gotta figure out not only the rough poistion of the head but rather the exact position of both pupils and then generate two images from that… Same way, just slightly more complex.
What he does with the Wii or certain other things is awesome :slight_smile: Some of his projective screen stuff is really nice too.

woah, that is amazing!

and…he was hired by Microsoft?!? ugh…i like Windows and all, but now Nintendo’s really going to have to create something really amazing to stay ahead, 'cause if Microsoft’s Kinect really works the way they say, then Nintendo’s gonna be in BIG trouble - worse than in the 90s when you had Nintendo vs SEGA :frowning:

Don’t worry, MW. The idea behind the Kinetec is great, but the game possibilities are rather limited…

And don’t forget, that Nintendo acquired SEGA, lol.
(That definitely wont happen for Microsoft, though)

Not a hologram but a 360 degree display prototype from Sony

yeah, seen those already :slight_smile:
These will probably to use come before actual Hologram movies or -games


but I’m not so sure about Nintendo having bought SEGA though - i can’t find the info anywhere, but I think i’ve seen it somewhere :expressionless:


headtracking wouldn’t work all that great with stereoscopy because stereoscopy depends upon viewing angle from the display. That means moving your head to the side introduces some warping to the image and eventually breaks the intended 3D effect. Incompatible techs, really. Well, guess even if limited, a bit of headtracking would still be good…

a much easier explanation is that its just fiction. :eyebrowlift:

Plus, a Matrix-like VR is much likely to exist soon enough (only in your mind) than something akin to ST’s holodeck…

you mean like an artificial synchronized dream? That would work aswell, I guess :slight_smile:
Would definitely give an MMORPG a totally new meaning :slight_smile:
(Both in a positive and in a negative sense… The argument of fleeing from reality would be more valid than ever before)

How about this-http://gl.ict.usc.edu/Research/3DDisplay/
A 3D display from a spinning mirror, with a highspeed projector. The video shows videos displayed on holographs.