HOLY CRAP: My new comp. not only makes rendering faster, it makes it TONS faster!

I just noticed when I did a benchmark with my Dre’auron the Dragon image (much updated from the one that was in finished projects months ago)

It doesn’t just scamper through rendering images compared to my old Pentium D dual core it BURNS through rendering images compared.

I rendered it with my old computer over night last night and took 3 Hours and 34 minutes.
I rendered it just now with my new comp. and rendered the whole thing SSS layers and all with the wing membrane material fixed in just 42 minutes:eek:

It’s hard to believe myself, I was expecting at least an hour. This will allow far more complex renders then what I’ve been able to do now. I know a big part was the Quad core but it may have also been the fact the architecture is also different from a Pentium D.

It may also be the fact I have WinXP on my comp and not Vista.

I think it’s because FedEx had something to do with.

haha. That was funny.
I should get me a quad core computer. Though I question how worthwhile it would be for me…since I prefer being mobile.

The render times on my Weekend Challenge bowling scene demolishes the time it took on my old PC by rendering it out in less then an hour (I believe a little over 4 times faster)

This is very nice indeed.

good for you. My old computer was a dual core, with 200 Gigs of memory, and an extra hard drive, and than it crashed, and I am on a single core laptop with only 512 MB.

yea, it kinda sucks. at least it has 10.5 on it, which is nice.

200 Gigs of memory?
I hope youre not talking about RAM

do you need so many topics about this

you will need the 64bit windows XP, or the 64bit Windows vista or 64 bit Linux to take full advantage of your new processor. If you got the 800Mhz ram you can overclock it to 1066Mhz, or even higher with the Nforce application. You can squeak the CPU up a little bit as well.

Sounds cool!

soooo… what are the specs?

I’ve got a nice computer too but I haven’t taken the time to really use it. I just develop with it… Haven’t done any 3D stuff for about two moths =(

Running WinXP certainly had something to do with it. Vista may be the latest and brightest, but it isn’t exactly streamlined.

Do yourself a favor and put x64 Linux on there. I get like 50% faster renders in Linux than I do in XP.

-Intel Core 2 Q6600 2.4 Ghz clock speed
-4 Gigs of RAM (.75 gigs more then WinXP recognizes apparently)
-GeForce 8800 GT 512 megs.

Running WinXP certainly had something to do with it. Vista may be the latest and brightest, but it isn’t exactly streamlined.

Dell gave me an installation CD for Vista Ultimate, but I’ll stick with XP to get as much of my comp. processing power used on Blender as I can, besides, it not only burns through rendering compared to my old one, it boots up more then twice as fast as well.

I’ve had a Q6600 for a while, nice chip. Well enjoy the setup =)

What is it with you and long thread titles? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, congrats with your new pc! Know that I’m very jealous, with my single little processor whirring away :stuck_out_tongue: (although it’s 3.2 Ghz, not too shabby)

Okay, just tested it with my latest image with lots of ray transparency and refraction, has no areas where 1 core can breeze through in seconds.

Old PC - Just less then 12 hours
Current one - 2 hours and 1 minute :eek:

It rendered in an incredible 5 1/2 times faster.:spin:

I feel secure I’ve gotton my money’s worth.

Sounds like a nice system. I love my 8800GT to no end. Maybe I’ll do some upgrades with Retail Edge at the end of the year… I could use a Quad… maybe a 790i Ultra as well :D.

(I’m currently running an E6600 @ 3.4 on air, 2GB Corsair DDR2-800 with 4-4-4-12 and an EVGA 8800GT SC)

And as others said, if you think it’s fast now, throw Ubuntu x86_64 on there and be amazed :).

Why do so many people buy pre-built pcs? :frowning:

Makes me sick to my stomach when I see people spend tons more (nearly 2x$$$) to get it prebuilt, rather then just by spending the time to order the parts individually and get a friend to put it together for you. sure you could find someone

When you render this stuff… is the GPU actually doing anything? It seems like the CPU does all the work.