Holy - *FINAL render page 2*

Holy…hope I captured that feeling:
^slightly edited version


Nice clouds and good texturing on the church, the rock texture does look a little stretched in placed though

Nice mood. Very well lit and rendered.

The stone texture is too large though. The blocks look to be bigger than the door. Scale that down and it will be really more beleivable. Well, as beleivable as a floating church can be, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


nice image.

Beside the size problem BGdm noted, a little more variation in texture tones would be handy

Kansas_15: Thx man :slight_smile: . I fixed the stretching (I always tell myself to wait before posting but I get so anxious! :wink: ).

BgDM: Yea, I knew there was something awkward about the texture when I pressed the submit button. But I hope I fixed it. And yes, you don’t see floating churches too often these days. I was originally planning a realistic scene with a graveyard, grass, and a walkway. But that was based on my ability to make realistic grass. The only way I could see how to do that was with fiber script and it just wasn’t working out on my system (I got the gui running but some errors occurred when I tried to create). So I wimped out and went for an @ndy “dawn over asgard” effect (not that @ndy’s was wimpy :wink: )

lukep: Texture is fixed, and variation is, well … the same. I can’t really alter the rock wall base of the church because that would require editing every single material for every single rock that I hand modelled. I’d rather move swiftly to another project than dwell on this one. As my pal Leonardo DaVinci once said “Art is never finished, it’s abandoned.”

Thank you for your critiques, hopefully Ill rock even more on my next piece :wink: .


where are windows?


Probably decided to assume they’re on the other side so he didn’t have to model them

Well, its midnight and time for bed ( work tomarrow), but I had to take a second to reply. I really like this scene! no technical flaws that I can see, but a couple things I think would make the scene a little cooler would to add some stainglass windows and do some more detail work on the door area. I also agree with BgDM about scaling down the church a little.

Once again I really like the concept and the execution! The above are just some personal preferences/suggestions :wink: Awsome work.

cool :smiley:

nice pics, nice textures… i think, that you’ve got the feeling :smiley:

I like the mood set. No stained glass windows, could be a good addition :wink:

Wow, that’s an awesome church! Very cool!


Ahh (slaps myself in the face). I had these stained glass windows on the last layer and I forgot to render them ;). I hope they add to the atmosphere.

Basse: I cooked them up just for you.

Kansas_15: Well, they weren’t quite on the other side but they were on another layer ;).

pindleRift: Thanks for replying even though you were probably tired and ready to crash. I added the stained glass windows, rescaled the church slightly, and didn’t do anything on the door area… I tried to think of a few approaches but nothing came to mind and plus I’m getting lazy with this picture (mostly the last part).

RUChY: Thanks man.

Daniel: heh, thank you as well.

Ok, I hope this is the last post, but if you guys find any more issues by all means tell me. I will probably let in to the peer pressure and change it :D.

Here she is:

my preference is the first render in terms of mood

Hmm, looks quite nice now with the windows :slight_smile:

Oooo I like it alot. Nice lighting and texturing. Just two crits. Shouldn’t the cross be facing towards the door, not away from it? And the door needs a handle :wink:

You’re right there is no handle, I wouldn’t count it againsd the image, maybe it’s for security means.

great work, everything is really nice except for the rock, I know how hard is to make a rock… but you really should give it another try (+the lighting on the rock are not the same as on the castle), but all in all its great

It has more of an effect facing towards the camera. And does it even have to face towards the door? Never heard that one before. Must be certain religious sects that do that.

Don’t know that it has to face the door, just that if you look at most churches, they almost always face towards the front.

I love the update! the windows are killer, but they kinda jump out more than it seems like they should, mabey dropping the saturation (on the window texture) a little would help. Hehe, I’m still looking forward to seeing some more detail on the door :wink:

Awsome work! keep it up.