Holy grail or Renderers

Look most of us dont have extra computers sitting around to make our own RenderFarm so ive come up with a fast rendering solution. We need an OS like dsl (damn small linux) that we can load with only a renderer running. So basically when i want to do a large render… i shutdown my computer and boot it with only the renderer. This way i can use all my RAM and both my CPU cores just for rendering and nothing else (not even a GUI) just boot and render. It would write the file to an external Disk (flash drive or something).

How bout it? Has it been tried?

Sure, but not recently. That’s how DOS and CPM worked. I used to use DKBTrace (the forerunner of POV-Ray) on a DOS machine. I’d do a separate clean boot with nothing loaded to give me the most possible memory and let 'er rip.

'Course, that was running on an Intel 386 processor at 40 Mhz with no hardware floating point support and a couple of megabytes of RAM, but, it kinda seemed fast to me. :slight_smile:

Not exactly a holy grail, but Nvidia’s Gelato renderer is GPU accelerated. Marioamb is writing a Blender plug-in.

i just figured there should be a way to use nearly 100% of your processing power to do what you want it to. I could overclock my PC but i need it intact for schoolwork.

Welll if your idea doesn’t work, it’s actually not that hard to get your hands on a few old computers. Just keep your eye out and they’ll accumulate in i.e, your basement pretty fast. I’ve got for pentium 3’s and 2’s (not too bad) in less than a year, just from people throwing them out. See this site http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1815797,00.asp
for more info. (Not that I’m saying a render farm is better, but this is good to read anyway)

I can tell you this is not going to offer MUCh performance benefit. OS usually only takes up 1-2% of the cpu time and 5-10% of the RAM, so unless the project requires all the memory it can get, off loading it to another PC isn’t worth the trouble.

However you might want to take a look at BURP.