holy monkey :)

:smiley: its pretty bad eh?


okay beginner - atleast you found osa! :smiley:

yes bad! :frowning: sorry but you said it yourself!

keep it up though! and welcome to blender and elysiun! :wink:

Try pressing smooth for the Hat on the monkey’s head…also try subdividing the monkey…

The monkey head always look crap when it’s not subdivided…
Ppl can say it’s bad…but it’s probably one of your first no ?

hhhhmmmmm bad? nothings bad its art, but use some subsurf on suzane and set smoooth on the hat :P.

i didn’t mean it was bad for his first just that it isn’t exactly a good image - he’ll get much better real quick! sorry i it sounded like i didn’t like it cause i do - like the other guys said - subdivide and set smooth! :wink:

thumbs up for using osa! :smiley:

Textures could use major work, and set smooth on the hat

well, could be lot worse… then again, it could be a lot better. :wink:

And yes, welcome to Blender.