Holy smoke!

I am trying to make smoke.
In the object/particles window, in the visualisation tab, I set the billboard tilt to 0.015. When I go to bake, this number reverts to 0.
It only does this on my desktop and not on my laptop.
My desktop uses Fedora 8 with a planet CCRMA real-time kernel.
Any Ideas? :smiley:

see my smoke http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=100601

My first guess would be that in your desktop computer, you have animated the tilt value and not in laptop. How about if you go and check the particle system’s ipo curves first?

Could you refrain from posting links to your work that have no relation to the question asked? Posts like this make it hard for people to search for stuff and follow threads.
If you want to be helpful at least link to a tutorial or a screenshots of settings.

Thank You Musk I couldn’t have said it better!

kkrawal, why don’t you just post your blend?


@must and @atom Happy?
please comment on my threads.

I have uploaded the blend file.
Please open in Blender.242 Its not working in Blender.246/247
I have to work on that.
In Blender.242 its working fine.
please help to convert in 247 and reupload?


color_smoke.blend (106 KB)