HolyEnigma74 sketches

I just got a tablet a Monoprice 10"x6" with express keys(UC-Logic)
$56 US after shipping :wink:

1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

here is my first drawing with MyPaint.
resized and added some blur with paint.net
this is a freehand drawing, NOT a trace…
i did use a reference image… but i didn’t trace it…


i Wish you could move and transform layers in Mypaint…
its a pain to have to swap the file between gimp to mirror…
IT would be wonderful if MYPaint had “realtime symmetry” and the
symmetrical side was added to a different layer, that way you could then transform that layer if you wanted to… you could rotate it, scale it etc… or just leave it alone and merge it down…

You should try using the ‘I’ shortcut to flip the image as you work, it helps you to identify issues with bad symmetry. MyPaint is such a young program I doubt anything like that would be an option for a long time, if ever.

here is another MyPaint sketch… mypaint, is excellent, i hope they keep working on it an keep improving it… I sketched this without any reference pictures or anything, just freehand… :ohttp://img41.imageshack.us/img41/9536/dude8.jpg

I like your second portrait. MOAR PLEASE!!!

I would say though that the brushes you are using look like the are good of adding texture to your work but I don’t think the work well on their own. I think you need to search for a brush you can build a base on before you add texture on top.

yea deciding what type of brush to use is the hard part… for the second picture i mostly used… “Set#1” also “Ramon2” has some nice ones that i like also… What set do you like?

here is a cool piece of free software, you can mirror, scale, rotate layers autodesk :wink: it doesnt have that many brushes to choose from, in the free version though… still not bad… i like the interface… pretty nice with a tablet. http://www.blendernation.com/2011/08/02/autodesk-sketchbook-copic-edition-free/

*edit Im removing this one since it had “brief nudity”, i want this thread to be open to all. :slight_smile:

there is a lot that I could crit but I think one thing at a time would be better. You are drawing the kind of eyes most people new to drawing draw. This is because instead of observing your reference and drawing what you see you are replacing what you observe with your mental picture of an eye.

Your upper eyelids match your lower ones in terms of curvature so your eyes are pretty symmetrical for real eyes seen from the front the upper eyelid are way more curved than the bottom ones. I will add a little drawing to my post I later on.

If you want to see exactly how mental symbols can replace careful observation make a print out of one your photo refences then turn it upside down and draw it upside down. When drawing this upside down draw don’t try and figure out what you are drawing simply look at lines and figure them out in terms of how long the are, what there curvature is like, what kind of angle the make and how far away from other marks you have put down. Betty Edwards has this exercise in her drawing book but its a pretty classic one that you will find in plenty drawing books.

hmm… will try. it.
i made this last night… no references just a simple facebox for proportion.
i used Gimp 2.6+Gimp Paint Studio
(i can’t get pressure sensitivity to work with Gimp 2.7)

eyes are pretty hard to get right if you don’t spend lots of time on it.
thanks for the crits. :slight_smile:


here are the lines


no references, just sketch from imagination.
i was going to put pockets on his jacket then i decided to call it “done” lol


Eyes are looking much better but I said this before and I will say it again you need to change your brush. This brush you are using looks like it would be good for adding textures but its not really good for a base sketch. You need to use a brush that is more opaque and doesn’t have such a granular pattern you can than use this brush on top of that on a separate layer to add some texture but on its own I don’t think its such a good brush.

what brush do you use in mypaint?

I use (Set#2) alot, mostly H4 and 2B(at the top)
and the soft eraser alot… :wink:

just did this one…
i used a photo reference inside of Irfanview Picture viewer
i have a wide screen monitor i put the picture on the left side, and MyPaint on the right.
Anyhow… can anyone guess who its supposed to be?
it doesn’t look exact, i see things that need fixing(this is just straight sketch “no touchups”)


Deevad set has very good brushes, I can’t recall the name but there is one with a wacom pen as a symbol that is particularly good. I have found a lot of good soft edge brushes and good blenders but I am still to find that really good hard edge brush. I need to sit my butt down one of these weekends and just spend time figuring out mypaint’s brushes.

Deevad is now called “Set 2” and thats the one i use :slight_smile:

sculpted in MeshMixer,
rendered in Blender Cycles
not “traditional” but this is my only “thread” and wasn’t sure where to put it…


I like to use the brush that Tyrant is talking about, that and the second acrylic brush (along with the matching acrylic blender) for my stuff. Anyway, pretty good sculpt, not quite sure what’s going on near the back though.

Andrew Breitbart Just passed away i did this last night… I used a photo for most of the landmarks(etc…) http://img812.imageshack.us/img812/1386/andrewbreitbartsigned.jpg

here are the lines…


When you say “used a photo,” you really mean “traced a photo,” right? Please don’t trace. You learn infinitely more when you draw without tracing than when you trace. Aside from that, good job. Just keep drawing!

Most definitely, it was “traced” from photo…
If it was someone that didn’t just die, i wouldn’t have traced it…
but… trying to get it as accurate as possible well there ya go… :stuck_out_tongue:

made the book, pencil, pen and evenything in Blender, rendered in Cycles.