homage to mc escher

while scribbling in school because i was bored i got an idea for a an animation. i don’t know why, but it reminds me on mc escher, one of my favourite artists. i know it doesn’t run round yet but i am working on that problem.
rendered with yafray


really awesome!

Dont tell anyone how you did it. You could make money on that.

Haha, I second that :smiley:

BTW, this one’s really something

All you have to do is tell somebody that you won’t show them how to do a “trick” and they’ll try and try until they succeed in duplicating it. Humans are like that :smiley:

Very good animation. Skills I would like to learn one day. MC Esher would be proud.

Wow. That is pretty cool. Is it possible to get it to animate such that the object doesn’t appear to jump around in space, or is it required for your optical effect?

If you could get the same optical effect without moving the object around disjointly, it would greatly add to the overall animation.

i’ll be he’s got two different models, a cube and the … other shape. he took renders of the other shape at opportune times & mapped the render to the sides of the cube.

just a guess. great idea.

that’s it. :slight_smile:

2 objects of course one is of several cube the second is on one cube drawn up so at a certain angle looks like several

M.C. Escher Is one of my favourites artists too.
Its really good. I could never do that.



nice trick !

Very neat how it’s done, good tricks.