home IP banned?


I was able to complete my registration at work, but can’t seem to log on at home. It says my IP was banned and to contact admin. I tried emailing but no response yet. Anyone have similar problem? I’d like to get it resolved.


Come on guys, i really want to sign in to the forum from home but still have a banned ip for some reason. Any help please?


Try contacting a moderator. They should be able to help you out : ). Contact Blendenzo, he’s the first administrator that comes to mind.

I tried sending an email to general contact, but i will look specifically for him. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Issue seems to be resolved now. Thanks.


hi, my home based live IP has been banned by the provider,why? i do not know.please let me inform where and to whom i will contact in this concern i lived in Dubai.

Might be you did spamming over here.

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