"HOME" leaves too much space around mesh

The HOME key usually zooms out too far, imo. It leaves a lot of the workspace empty.

Is there a way to reduce the amount of border the HOME key allows the active object?

“Home” is usually (Frame All). Are you talking about (Frame Selected) “Numpad .”?
Zoom in a little?

If I wanted to zoom in every effing time I hit HOME, I wouldn’t have made this post, now would I? Since that’s the entire point of the question.

Not the proper way to respond to someone who is trying to understand your question and maybe give a bit of help.

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This operator has no settings, so the answer is no. Unless you write it yourself of course

That’s why 'tis less ambiguous to converse in terms of operator names as opposed to keys.

Frame All leaves too much border. Can this be controlled/altered?

No. As Hadriscus said, the only way to alter it would be writing a different operator. Which, personally, I wouldn’t even consider with the API that we have.

I guess RCS is my only hope. IIRC, I’ve already bitched about it there.

Somewhere in the code there is a number that sets this: it’d be nice if they exposed that number to the users.

(attached: this is the result of FRAME ALL on my system)

I see you’re using reference images. I noticed they contribute to a bigger framing for some reason. Maybe a bug ? Try selecting everything except the reference image and frame selected, see if it’s at fault.

That is indeed the case (although IMO even “mesh only” is a little too generous with the border): Including the reference image (eyeball=ON), even though it’s quite tight to the mesh, significantly increases the border that Blender allows around the items.

IMO, it’s a bug: it’s just 'wayyy too wide.

File attached-- I think I got the images packed into the blend file.
Rhino2.blend (908.3 KB)

I used to experience a similar thing with Photoshop – couldn’t get the borders to where I’d like them.

Somewhere in the guts of Blender there’s a number that defines how much border space is allowed, and I’d like for users, particularly ME, to be able to adjust that number.