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I’ve worked on this image for about 30-40 hours. Rendered with Cycles.

I’m going for realism. What points can i improve?
(painting, carpet, and trees on the outside are images on planes)

(please ignore bad photoshop skills to cover too short render time for night shot :wink:

rooster :slight_smile:

Book covers don’t glow like that …

The shot would certainly be simplified greatly if the outdoors were at dusk or dawn. A shot like this taken at mid-day would be very hard to rein in, so a photographer probably wouldn’t do it.

The one thing that I can really put my finger on is the windows. The outside looks like it is a photo glued on the glass, it doesn’t give a real sense of depth there. The window frames are also too slim and shallow for my taste. As sundialsvc4 pointed out, the day scene couldn’t be photographed like that with the intense bright sunlight. Even with an HDR this would probably not come out like this. Also, who would turn on the lamp during mid day? :slight_smile:

I totally dig the carpet, that looks super realistic to me!

yeah, i agree with the daylight shot…
thanks for your advices! :slight_smile: