Home made robot! (for a live action short film!)

Ok so I’m making a short film with a CGI robot and as for modeling I’m pretty good with that but as you will see I might need some help with materials here is some of the concept art:


and here is the final design reference image
and sorry for not posting the work when I first started but whatever
and crits and comments are welcome cuz with this model I want to push myself and blender to its limits so constructive criticism is very welcome

btw just ignore anything lower then the torso I’m not using that for reference or design


I had that monitor once, for real. both the TRS-80, and the beige Compaq and the IBM with DUAL floppies. Ah such sweet memories. I love him already.

hey looks good sofar mate 1 thing i will say tho is that saying u want to push blender to its limits is like saying u want to push pencil and paper to its limits the only limits are that of your own creativity and the computing power of your pc blender is like a blank canvas and all the painting and drawing tools u could ever want :slight_smile:

i may be wrong lol just my personal oppinion

I guess your right but I want to be able to render photo realistic animations with an alpha channel which will be hard to do cuz blender internal isnt the best for rendering and yafray doesnt have motion blur =(

Ok so I’ve worked on the computer some more and made it a bit more detailed.
Tell me what you think?


added some ports


Looking good so far, the concept is interesting and funny, keep it up! If you need references for old computers i have a 90’s monochromatic computer in the basement, and i can take pics of it.

lookin good, I really like the idea a lot. I’d like to throw my vote for the compaq with the floppy drives as the head. I think the Asymmetry would fit well with the design. looking forward to more.

that would be nice but I need an older look than 90’s more like a first generation computer like the one I have now but if you have a better monitor to fit it that would be nice

added some more ports and port slots


hahaha theres like this ancient monitor and then a computer with DVI ports?!?

yep but only us nerds will know that
and the idea is it was made up out of things found in a garage

last update of the day


added the fan now I think I’ll work on the nuts and bolts


I wanna build that in real life…

well I’m pretty much done the back of the computer now on to the front


so here it is all together


Do you have a particular method for “cutting” the wholes in the mesh? or do you just go along and use the make circle tool in blender?

Nice details.

Keep it up.

No I don’t cut them I don’t like the cutting tool to be honest.
What I do basically is add all of the circles I want then make new faces (mostly triangles)
to connect it to the rest of the mesh.
Although the problem with this method is it can create a topology mess!
so this should only be applied to flat surfaces and NON-organic models
otherwise you will have to spend like twice the amount of time to get your topology right.
(lol topology is the right word right?)