Home network with XP HOME

I have 2 PCs running XP HOME accessing the internet via a router. I want to share files & network render. I can get one PC “A” to see “B”, but “B” can’t even see the workgroup. When I click on ‘view workgroup computers’ I get " ‘workgroup name’ is not accssible. You might not have permissions…" etc). I’m using the default name of MSHOME just for simplcity. I’ve run the network setup wizard on both PCs.

Any suggestions? It seems that the physical connection must be fine if “A” can see “B”.

Thanks !!

I have a home network using XP Pro and Win '98.

The XP comp is named “homeXXXXXXX” and is the one with all the admin access. The Win '98 comp has a custom name and it’s own access code to connect to the network. It only sees the other if I turn off its fire wall and virus scan programs.

Hope this helps.

I’ll try & turn off virus & firewall on the pc that sees network. thanks

Thanks, rwv01…it was the firewall.

Sweet. Happy rendering!