Home networking?OpenAFS Mix OS's

Anyone here run a Home Network of mix OS’s? I’m building a networking just for filesharing. Being all UNIX based machines I know NFS will be best. But I looking at OpenAFS being it work well with Windows also. SAMBA is cool but …
I’m working with a SGI / Sun / Powermac. Goal is Sun Ultra 5 OpenAFS server and the IRIX and Mac OS X box as OpenAFS clients.
I wonder will I run into problems with 10mb transfer from the SGI Indigo2 box?

ANy tips??

I use FDDI for SGI’s. You can get 100mb ethernet cards (either ESIA, or GIO) off ebay.

With the Indigo2 I’m stuck because I use Dual Display. one Maximpact and one Solidimpact so no room for extra card. I just have to eat it I guess. aren’t the FDDI cards fiber cards? I have crap load for Sun workstations from sbus to PCI and fiber cables. Hmmm. I wonder if the same cards are for both boxes?
thanks for the tip

Right, you only have 4 physical slots, two GIO slots. each gfx cardset
takes one GIO cardslot. an FDDI card is GIO. I just add another indigo2,
put the gfx+FDDI card in it, and use x2x, or teleffect.

They’re 100mbit/sec copper or optical (fiber). Not fibre channel.

FDDI is 125nm Multimode cable. SBUS FDDI is pretty slow, you only yield
2-3mbyte/sec on a good day. PCI FDDI with freebsd is pretty snappy with
a good CPU.

I hate AFS.

You can forget doing passwordless ssh
unless you permit your files as world readable/writable
(AFS requires a token that it only recieves if you feed
it a password).

Also, unlike NFS, AFS has to be enabled at boot time,
and if you disconnect your box from the network you
end up waiting a long time for it to boot. Upon
having booted, an error is generated ever minute or
so because it can’t contact the various cells.

I also think boxes with the OpenAFS implementation
are more flaky and unstable than boxes without.

Anyways, that’s my take on the matter.

In conclusion: Use NFS.


I have a skinless o2 I’m going to use as a test box (OpenAFS client) if all goes well then I use it. But in the mean time I will run NFS.
Thanks for the info.