Home of the eldritch guardian

Final result

Had this idea over a year ago when watching mountains and valleys with dense forests.

Used this project as a way to experiment with different techniques such as the ivy generator add-on, procedural brick material, custom bokeh, 3D scanning and entirely managing the post processing in the Blender compositor !

Clay render

Custom Bokeh
Made without add-ons, learned the technique from Gleb Alexandrov

Post process in Blender
Instead of using photoshop, I tried to use the Blender compositor to mix the render passes and work on the colour grade.

3D scanned character
Since the character is rather small in the artwork, I thought doing a simple 3D scan with the Polycam phone app would be a good idea. I then tweaked the material to change the texture and my character was done.



That’s very clever, what did you scan for the character?

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Thanks ! That’s just me wearing a poncho. I immediately did the pose to have these interesting wrinkles and cloth shapes and someone did the scan. The final result is only an image so I didn’t need to have a rigged character with a t-pose. It was fun to do !


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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That’s absolutely fantastic thank you very much !

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I also made this a #featured #art-breakdown, thanks for sharing your process!

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Awesome thank you !

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