Home Sweet Home

So here it is … after all I finally managed to complete this project. Any c&c are welcome :yes:


In the WIP section of this project I attached an blend file with the glowing mushrooms, if anyone’s interested how I achieved the effect (btw it’s not post-pro and no node-setup)

WIP Thread

Very cool concept! But there are a lot of things that should be fixed to make this better.
Thicker grass on the roof, a less plastic shader on the actual tree/house, grass on the ground should be thicker also. Don’t be afraid to pump the particle numbers into 500,000+ to get the effect. And you should try to find a night time sky map.

But I really like the concept!!! :smiley:

Thanks that’s the kind of comment I was waiting for in the WIP thread. I try to fix those issues as soon as I can spare some time. BTW where do I get good looking (!) “FREE” sky maps?

Ohhhh I love it, so cute! I love the flashy mushroom things too. Awesome job :slight_smile:

bib, check your WIP thread, I posted some sky maps there.

I think the lighting can be improved slightly by balancing out the cool colors with some slightly warmer colors to give to house a slightly warmer feel. I suggest a yellow-orange light toward the front. Also the grass on the roof appears somewhat grayish. As for the sky, I personally believe it should keep the whimsical feel, but you should probably downplay the magenta in the clouds a bit. This would be interesting to see with the toon shader as a possible derivative work.

Borgleader, BANZ111: Thanks for the comments and suggestions

nfollmer: Jap thank you for that

Because obviously there is still some work that needs to be done on this one I’m going to post the advances in the WIP threadand the final image here again