Home sweet home


Here some images I rendered to illustrate some new models I made recently.

Rendered with Octane

Most of the images are pure AO mode 3 (mix of HDR and Sun results), some other a mix of AO mode 4 and AO mode 3 and I think I used PMC for one or two images and by the way still mixed with an AO result.
Rendering time varies from 1h to 3h on two GTX580
Postpro to mix the HDR and Sun results and to enhance lighting


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I’ve no words… besides amazing (but we should find new terms to be used in such occasions).

to the gallery with you…Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Very good work here!

How you pine tree?

is there any meaning with the female robot from alive to dead?

500stars, BA gallery, blender.org gallery, etc…
this is awesome! maybe the mods should give you privileges to post topics in the gallery so they don’t have to move them all :wink:

Very good work ! You’ve really got this wow factor on certain image…

Fantastic work… hope you give us some tutorials on Rendering and texturing… and modeling… and… well… maybe I should let you pick the topics…

Wow… :eek:

My computer has exploded… It couldn’t handle all this awesomeness…

That is in fact 3d animation as an art-form, kudos.
Now all you need is a rendering farm, and you can make an amazing movie, ever bake down game models? I have been thinking about making a raspberry pi cluster, cooled with an old air conditioner with the air drawn though a de-humidifier and filter first then dumped into a case with as many cores as I can orchestrate, Im not sure if arm is the way to go, or a heavy gpu, or a regular cpu…

anyone Ever think about messing with a x-box kinect camera and a lazy Susan(not the monkey) and a servo to make a DIY blender scan tool?

this + rapid prototype machine = cool

OK is looking very good, too bad aren’t in Cycles or BI. If they where I’m pretty sure that Blender.org would choose your renders straight to the gallery…

Incredible! Loving that nature too. Really well done on everything.

After scrolling back and forth I don’t know what to say anymore besides words of admiration. There.

very rare to seed 3d which evokes feelings and is also thought provoking.-sarcasm,political comment subdued by aesthetics -master artist.

really great,true art.

beautiful work,

Absolutely outstanding.

Someone made a post a few days ago about how they thought the quality of submissions that got into the gallery had dropped.

Your submission proves its gone up, not dropped.

Truly remarkable artwork. :smiley:

Maybe on your new computer, you’ll finally ditch 2.49:p

Brilliant work!

On a side note: do you make Octane tutorials, I really want to use it but the problem is I need a set of tutorials to get me started?