this what my brain tells me about where i would like to live( a little side project)


That is pretty good! I am not a huge fan of the ground texture though. And are you using Indigo renderer? If so, you might want to let it go for a little longer. It has a lot of noise still. Good luck!

Nice image!

You would need a lot of glass cleaner if you lived in there.

true that:))
well, i’ve been messin around with like 3 different ground textures, can’t find a really good one though,
anywho, this was a test render of 15 min in indigo
anyone know where i can find some ground?:))

Base render w/ bumpmap + other layers and perhaps a few spec and lighting changes =).
Oh yes, dunno if you can use it but… http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=OblivionMods.Detail&id=2363 probably doubled the graphics on oblivion with this. What can I say? Can’t get better then that?