I think it’s finished. I know everything seems very simple, but does it need to be complicated?

In this case, yes… 'cause I don’t know what I’m looking at…

what is it supposed to be?

its a spaceship flying over a planet with some floating rocks. How can I make it more obvious? /confused.

I’d work on the textures. I’d never paint a spaceship blue and purple (IMO). Also most spaceships have antenna, hatches, wires, piping, etc, showing on the outside.

The basic problems are

  • there isn’t much “context” and
  • there isn’t much detail

Detail makes things look real, which means more work for you.
Context tells us what we are looking at. You need to give us more clues. Like, the curve of the planet edge or at least a horizon. Maybe a couple of moons in the sky. And like Imperitor said, one can’t tell which are spaceships and which are rocks. And what are they floating in?

Your job as artist is to make it interesting to look at, and at the moment there isn’t much to it. Get in closer and show detail, lighten it up, change the camera angle, show more clues so we can figure out what’s going on.
Render it with no textures - does it still look interesting to you? Probably not because there’s so little there.

I think part of the problem is the shadows. They need to be a little less pronounced and falling in the opposite direction of the light source (where ever it is).

I agree with everything dgebel said. One compliment: It looks like you used dof, that’s a nice touch.
You just need to make the models look like spaceships and not purple blobby things. I’d also tilt the camera up to expose more of the sky, to make it clearer the ships are in space.

thanks for the compliment (not sure what d.o.f is!). And I will take the cc on board.