Hi guys, this is my lastest personal project !

I sculpted the model in zbrush and used Blender for the final scene. I used Cycles render and Filmic Blender.

I’m new with skin shaders, so the material doesn’t have epidermal or subdermal maps, i don’t know how to use them hahaha so it’s only the diffuse map with SSS and another maps for Roughness and Reflectivity. If someone have tips for better skin shading in Cycles, i will be happy to know !

After import the model in Blender, i needed to adjust some proportions of the face, so i used Shape Keys for that and help me a lot to have more control of the alterations.

Poliigon dirt textures for the skin, and fabric/overlays for the shirt.

For the final images, i used Photoshop in post-production.

More details of the project on my Behance:

greyscale version:

proportions adjustments in blender:

Hope you like it !


Nice sculpture. Just personal idea, I think the hair on the head is a little sharp.:eek:

Great one! lot of details! are you studing with Rafael Souza? I see that you use his brushes.

The black spots are to strong. Like a caveat shader multiplied itself.

I made a quick ps editing just to explain what I mean:

nice observation, would be nice spend more time in the hairs :slight_smile:

Wow yes, sorry for not comment that here, my fault. I made 1 week presencial course with him, called Inside Revolution, was a lot of learning, he’s a such great artist and person.

Thanks for that ! I agree with the strong spots, but without them, maybe the skin got a little clean for a homeless guy ?

what!!! you did the Inside!!! I envy you sooooo much now!!!

Yes, my editing did remove the spots too much but not many homeless has that strong dark black spots or really dark lines on forehead, feels to much cgi. But either way it’s extremely well done and impressive.