hi guys,

i made this model in the beginning of the year, and now i tried a new render with different light and using Principled shader,

some post production in photoshop

hope you like it

thanks !



This looks very cool and well done, however the hair ruins the scene for me. You might do well adjusting and randomizing/patchifying it more, or maybe even removing it all together. The facial expression is amazing!

This is really solid. Good sculpt. Have a few suggestions to really help bring this to life though.

  1. As beau11 said, the hair. Maybe try lowering the thickness on the roots, adding some variation in the length of the hair, and try a more realistic hair shader.

  2. Add a glint to the eye (reflected light) in photoshop. It shows sign of life in character. Since most people look straight into the eyes, they need to have life.

  3. Try more contrasting lighting. It’ll help it to look more like a professional portrait.

Other than that, it’s just great. Sculpt is Beautifully done. Keep it up!

Looks very nice and realistic. Good job. How mush time you spent on your project?

Great results! Also curious approx how long this took to complete?