Homemade Bruce Willis

This is a 3D facial reconstruction of the actor Bruce Willis. Done with Blender 2.76 in cycles render. For the animation, I have used a homemade Motion Capture. I know that it’s not correctly because sometimes seems to have paralysis , but this is a work in progress. I hope you like it ;)!!!

Render time 128 hours, 1000, samples NVIDIA GFORCE gtx780ti x2 CPU i7 , 6 cores.

Very cool. Well done.

This is terrific. I love the way the eyelid bulges when he looks around.

Steve S

Nice work. I can definitely tell it’s Bruce Willis. The materials look really nice. Much better than anything I have accomplished.

Pretty damned amazing likeness. Well done.

+1 on the timelapse!

great work!

If cycles gets stress maps it could be taken a lot further

This is really good!

How did you make the rig? For the motion capture video it seems that you used a bone based rig, are there shapekeys also? Any good resource to study this type of rig?

well done :smiley:

Pretty solid. Well actually amazing :smiley:

That´s some hollywood sh*t right here. How would it look in HDR lightning?

Always amazed by your work.
I did prefer your own portrait but this is still jaw droping

I’m such a newbie in blender and even though I can barely understand half of the work you put into this, I’m pretty sure this is absolutely awesome. But from what I can actually comment on I’d say that his head is a little too thin and tall. I think It’d look better if it was rounder.

Keep it up! SamurEYE

great work! Really good model, and super cool facial animation! Thanks for sharing the videos! :slight_smile:

Amazing, have you considered grabbing a couple key lines from his movies to lip sync? All you have to do is repeat the words :wink:

Mind blowing work as usual !!! Thanks for showing us your workflow :slight_smile:

What system was used for this?

The key in the detail is the texturing, not as much as the topology, the structure of the model face and head, obviously its a fifty fifty combination I would of thought.

Impressive work! How did you made the skin texture?

I think you nailed it, Congrats for the featuring :slight_smile:

Outstanding work. Congrats on being featured.

Very impressive! Amazing work!