Homemade Bruce Willis

Stunning likeness! Well done!

An excellent study…

what’s the reason for you to paint the details as a bumpmap instead of doing that while sculpting and mapping that onto the retopo’ed mesh?

i’m amazed. awesome work!!

Wow that was so cool! It looks so life like!

i want to thank you for making this! i finally convinsed my teacher that blender is a one man program that is compedative with other highend softwares such as zbrush maya 3dsmax and cinema. love it!

Totally awesome! The mo-cap stuff is really good and seems to produce very lifelike results. This must have required some intense rigging work.

10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 out of 10 best thing I have seen so far

My word this is incredible! Please someone tell me what is the step where the model was white and all the details were drawn in? Wrinkles…etc… was this a separate texture map?

weee it looks fantastic!

Thanks a lot for your replies!!!

this is a SSS shader:

SSS radius from top to bottom
1: 3.0 , 1.4, 1.0
2: 9.0 , 1.0, 1.0
3: 3.0 , 1.4, 1,0

the atributes(vertex colors) TL, TL2 and LAB

One of my favorite actors! That is positively shocking - the time lapse… You are the go to guy. The bust captures his energy and spirit which is something subtle that lacks in so many very good head shots. It’s stunning how perfect this is and to have seen that you did it manually and re-topo’d it. I’m mostly speechless; just wanted to bask in this thread a little. So deserves everything positive that comes your way!

Thank you for posting the node setup for the skin material! :smiley:
I’ll study that and see if I can wrap my head around it, or if I can wrap it around my head, heheh.

hey, film belongs in the traditional sectio… waaaaait! O:

Mind blowing work! 5*

Amazing! the new collision features for the hair, works well :)!

beautiful expressions! :slight_smile: but why not do
retargeting the beard … :slight_smile:

you should make some 6th sense themed stuff

Excellent likeness, well done.

Amazing Job !

I need to know more about that rig, man. Especially the eyes.

This rig is has nothing special(still WIP), it is very similar to plugin pitchipoi human(meta-rig), this is more simple but works properly, even the eyes rig. The most important thing is to make a good motion capture.