Homer Simpson: UPDATE!

(Atariman) #1

This is a early WIP. I have much work to do it. C&C welcomed.


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(Idgas) #2

Well I’m not a big fan of the Simpson’s but you did a great job modeling him.

(sten) #3

hi looks very alike anyway :slight_smile:

(0ptikz) #4

Wot! Not a big fan ‘O’ ths Simpsons? Are ya mad? :stuck_out_tongue:

AtariMan: You have really got Homer Simpson down, Its a great job dude :wink:

(ineedanewbi) #5

smaller pupils !!!

other than that… its pretty good

(Atariman) #6


I changed the size of his pupils, and added his zig-zag hair. I’m now working on a more cartoon looking ear for him. I’m also working on his texture.

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(rndrdbrian) #7

Very nice work Atariman!

Are you going to animate him?

Certainly would be fun to see this 3d Homer animated to some soundclips from The Simpsons! :smiley:


(blengine) #8

awesome! very nice, and an awesome likeness… ears need to be connected, and mouth needs some reworking…the placement of his beard is a lil odd and around the edges makes me wonder if its a chocolate stain :wink:
other than that, its looking alot like the 3d model they used in that one simpsons episode!

is this a very high poly model?? i see some “high poly ridges” around his mouth area =|

(Haunted-House) #9

Great job, that’s very good modeling, Looks just like Homer!

(Atariman) #10

Thanks a lot for all your responses. I enjoy geting advice and praise from other blender heads (especially those I admire.)


A: No, it is a low poly model. I just sub surfed the model to get that high poly ridge look. I can post some wire frames if anyone is interested. As for the ears and texture, I’m currently working on those. When I am done with Homer I want to do some animation with him.

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