Homer Simpson

I have decided to start working on my Homer Simpson again. I am now working on his body or clothing. I have not started adding textures to him just yet.

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  • Atariman -

nice start! But you really have to work on the mouth! And I think he isn’t so sad normally…those brows could use some works…

I really like that beer belly! keep it up!

the belly is delicious, if thats an appropriate description for homer’s stomach %| . and yes, definately more work on the mouth, it looks as if it werent part of the head…yknow, a separate mesh. [!]

note that homer is rarely viewed straightly from the front in the series
people will be more likely to see recognision in the model when you’d make a shot from an angle that shows some more perspective. oh, and do you know that there is an actual 3D model that the creators of the simpsons have used in one of the episodes? it’s a halloween episode, you could download it from kazaa and use it as a reference!

looking nice so far, try to smooth his skin around the cheek/mouth area a little though,

  • Stungun

he looks a little lacking on shoulders. Others have already mentioned the mouth, so i won’t. Looks good otherwise, be good to see the finished one.

300th episode is coming up [!] [!] [!] [!]


This is looking good, but I think that you should rounden his mouth-area. I would really like to see some shots of him from the side, 45 degrees from the front and etc. Good luck, we all love the Simpsons!

I’m a huge Simpsons nerd and it looks like he needs…
a bigger nose
a much better mouth
and you shouldn’t be able to see the top edges of the eyebrows, they kind of fade into the forehead
Of course, I’m being nitpicky and I couldn’t even try to model Homer myself.