just the start. tell what you think. :slight_smile:


That looks really good!

The eyes on Homer look too dark though… Try putting another lamp by his head. If that makes the whole face too bright, put them on another layer with their own lamps. I think that makes the lamp effect only those objects on it’s layer.


Body!!.–No arms Yet¬¬…

The part around the mouth you colored orange should be brown. To get white eyes you don’t need more lamps just raise the Emit value.


C&C needed.

Sorry I siad wrong I meant the brown part should be gray.

Here’s a pretty good pic of Homer:

Now I am going to model the feet.
Here are more views.
Robin: The color isnt gray, ist like a very clear brown color.

Great model, the head looks just right. Might just be me, but it looks like he is a little too short :-?

+1 the head is just a small something too short

Model complete.

Thanks for the replies. NOw i dont know what to do with him. I think that i will put on the sofa, whatching T.V., with beers around… I will work on the armature, im not very good with armature, i always have problem with vertex… :-? :-?

well, here they are. later guys.

i Started with the tv room.: