Homestar, Or Bill gates

wow, that was mean

val you are extremley stupid man you gotta relax a little and try not to put every single person down no matter how stupid they seem; their prolly just bored. I mean seriously do you sit on your computer chair all day thinking of mean things to say so maybe you can get someone unintrested in blendeR?

His attitude isn’t representative of Blender.

I’ve gotten used to it and learned not to take it seriously. Sure his attitude isn’t totally necessary, but welcome to the real world. I work as a cashier at a supermarket, and I get people through that can be twice as rude. I’ve gotten yelled at, sworn at, and insulted by customers over the stupidest things. When you’re in my position, you can’t do a single thing to retaliate. If you can’t forget it, you dwell on it. Move on.

How on earth did you know?

someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed…or is it just that time of month again

My bed is against the wall, so I get up on the wrong side every day. :wink:

haha…that was good…