Homework Wallpaper

Hey guys, this is my latest wallpaper. Find more of it’s kind on my site gzwallpapers.yolasite.com
Made entirely in Blender.
Tell me what you think please :slight_smile:



Why do I have no replies?! :’( :’( :’(

This is fantastic!! Something about the shot glass looks off though - maybe just the way it’s modeled. How’d you light it? Mesh light and environment lighting?

I wouldnt call it a shot glass, its too big… more like a stragely undetailed cheap whiskey glass.
The lighting, believe it or not, is just a single sun lamp with AO

You deserve Way more replies, great piece of work. Photorealistic and 5/5.

Thanks man. I’d like to see if this could get into the gallery, so if you guys think it deserves it, please give this thread 5 stars :slight_smile: (since the admins filter it like that to see if it should be in the gallery) I’d like that.

That’s very nice. Something is off about the liquid in the glass though, it does not look quite right.

So this is blender internal?

I really like the image, it tells a great (sad) story.

Yeah the liquid isnt quite right, but render times prevented extensive testing on the fluid.
yep blender internal.

my original idea for this piece was that the piece of paper was a suicide note instead of science homework, but since this is meant as a wallpaper, it was slightly in appropriate.

Gave it 5 stars, your butterfly wallpaper inspired me to make my own butterfly, will tell you when its finished.

Cool thanks, make sure you do tell me, i want to see it!

Looks great for BI. I suppose there are no opaque shadows in Blender internal? They could help imo

Yeah no transparent shadows (they’re all opaque) it’s irritating… maybe i should have photoshopped it, but i like the whole blender only thing.
And neither yafaray nor luxrendee work for me, i have a strange computer…

the liquid in the glass looks strange because of the lack of TIR

TIR?? what’s that?

TIR is short for Total Internal Reflection.

The two things that bother me most with this image is the transparent materials (the glass and the liquid), and the DOF, which is just a bit too strong in my opinion.

What IOR value did you use for the glass? Maybe it’s just the thickness of the bottom of the drink glass that causes it, but it looks a bit strange. The image would also greatly benefit from caustics, or ray traced shadows.

Ior was 1.223 for the glass. and the bottom of the whiskey glass is very thick, so thats probably right.
Right now, my irritating computer is preventing me from using an external renderer, but I’m trying to find someone willing to render it for me.

Just a glance will make me like this wallpaper,especially the green background give people fresh feelings. The sunshine fall on the desk and send a massage of warm.