homeworld model and texture help.

(Dittohead) #1

ok i’m gunna make a model of the taiidan ion fragate and i’m gunna u/v map it the catch is i don’t know where to get the textures.

what i’m trien’ to get at is, does anyone now how i can get the textures out of the the game. like some kinda program or somethin’.

thanx! :smiley:

(Goofster) #2

That posts contains the most spelling errors I’ve seen in a while. want to rewrite the post first? maybe then i’ll be able to answer it.


(haunt_house) #3

I anderstond yor poiht, but yu meide at leest vree misstaks youseff.


By the way, there are tons of free textures. And also tons of tutorials on how to make textures yourself (which is more fun). Fire up google, get Gimp, if you don´t have a graphics program (it is excellent for its price) and improve. The textures out of the game are copyrighted. It is better not to grow accustomed to this source of material.

(hannibar) #4

Goofster : does it matter how it is spelled? I think what he meant is clear so no need to flame him imo :slight_smile:

Dittohead : I don’t know.

(haunt_house) #5

I don´t want to generalize this opinion, but if I ask a question, the kind of words as well as the attempt to spell them right are used to show a bit of respect to those who answer. If I don´t take time, why should they? Since Goofster is a moderator, spelling mistakes are roughly the same like garbage is to a living room.
Well, that´s my way.

Anyway, dittohead, if you want to use your model for rendering stills, the textures from the game won´t do it. Bad resolution.


(Dittohead) #6

frigate was spelled wrong. i hit the wrong key ok. most everything is kind of slangyish and thanx, or thnx, ALOT OF people spell it that way.

(theeth) #7

How hard is it to write “thanks” instead of “thnx”? It’s not like you’re gonna die in the next 10 seconds. I don’t have anything against slang, but for the best possible comprehension, I believe that a normal english would be more appropriate. That doesn’t mean you should write Shakespearian verse though.

Also, not to sound picky, but there’s a forum specially made for questions and answers, so it might be a good idea to post there in the future.

Regarding your question, Google would really be the place to go, in that case.