homicide enducing camera problem

ok maybe not homicide enducing but w/e. when i click 0 on the numpad with numlock on instead of going to my camera, it goes into a seemingly random view (its the same very time but random as to the placement of it) and there is no camera there and even when i render with a camera in the proper placement it renders the stupid angry making view instead, i have no idea what i have done somebody plz save me.

I’ve had that problem before… I think you may have added a camera by accident, or perhaps it’s just a bug in Blender. Anyway, select your camera and press CTL+NUM0. That’ll select the default camera.

You may have made another object into the “camera” with an accidental Ctrl-numpad-zero. Press the Home key to see everything in the scene, select the real camera, and do Ctrl-Numpad-zero.

thank you very much its all good now.

Doesn’t alt-numpad-zero restore the default camera? (So you can switch to a bunch of different cameras but alt-0 takes you back to the first?)

As far as I know, it will turn whatever object you have selected into a camera.