i’m taking a break from my C2, trying to force myself to start modelling the interior :P, and here’s a little quickie i made. It’s nothing special, i just wanted to make something cartoony with grass and a nice mood :slight_smile:

hope u like it


  • Kroni

Great! Nice and clean, 5 stars from me.


nice!! 5 stars

I like it but I see that the house isn’t in the ground but instead floating on top of the grass, that would lead to bad water problems later :stuck_out_tongue:

4 stars

Nice! I really like the style. It has a fun, warm, children’s storybook look.

So how did you do the DOF?
So how did you do the grass?

oooh now this looks nice.

thx for comments :slight_smile:

in short:
DOF - defocus node
grass - 100,000 strand particles with blend textures for both color and alpha (to make a soft feel)
pretty standard routine :wink:

well… it actually isnt floating on grass, it looks that way because there’s some distance between the walls and where the grass starts to grow, maybe ill play a bit with it to get rid of this unwanted illusion :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Kroni

Lovely little scene, just fix the floaty house illusion.

how long did it take you??

Prettyfull :slight_smile: Love the feel of this one.

Why is this only 4 stars?! I give you 5!!

Nice mood :), but the sky feels a little like a dome :confused:.
5 *'s :D.

misleading topic name !

i like it i guess

Nicely done kroni. Has a warm, innocent feeling to it. Even with a boarded up door. Maybe add some fine details? Nails on the boards? I dunno. Its cool like it is.

Should not you got weird anti aliasing issues around the edges of the house. Is this from your bloom effect?

“Should not you got weird anti aliasing issues around the edges of the house. Is this from your bloom effect?”

Naw. its from the DoF. At least thats what happens when i use blenders Defocus node. The only downside of it. Can be fixed easily in the gimp or with a program like that.

aaahhh so cute! so cosy! why is the door bolted up like that though?

Duh, The little piggie inside doesn’t want the big bad wolf to blow it down YET again :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, I am working on a project I was going to name homie. time to find a new name!