Homogeneous extrusion.

Hi, I have no idea how to write my doubt, so I will give screenshots.
I have a kind of weird geometry, like that.

I’m trying to extrude it, homogeneously, so I select one loop edge, hit E to extrude, and hit S to scale it. Here the results.

The values I highlighted, need to be equal, because I want to make a homogenous extrude. But it not happens, I think that its because the vertices aren’t in the right place, so I did that.

Now, the vertices are in the right place, but it still wrong, the values are not equal, so how to accomplish that?

Sorry for my bad english.

I know what you’re talking about. But I don’t think it’s possible. I’ve tried several times to do this.
Honestly, the only way, I think, you’re going to do this, is if you select the end vertices and manually copy the attributes from the good vertices to equal up with the bad ones.

This might be a solution.

you can add one more edge (making it a loop), then use the inset in the ‘W’ menu. Then delete the extra edge. Hope that helps.

Thanks for all answer, We know that is not exact what I expected, so, are there anybody else with another solution? Thanks.

Change Pivot Center to 3D Curser. And, place 3D curser where you want the scale direction to take place:


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Oh really thanks ridix!
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I was making a python script for that, seriously man.