Homogeneous voronoï texture on curved mesh?

Hi guys,

Im currently struggling with the texturing of curved perforated steel panels.
I succeeded without any problem to create perforated linears panels using a voronoi texture .
But when it comes to the curved panel, the voronoï won’t apply homogeneously on the mesh.
There’s oubviously something i’m missing …
Do you have any idea on how i can manage to do this properly ?

Thank you guys in advance !

unwrap it and use uv for texture coordinates

The fact is that curves are not normalized in blender so, uv’s depend on the spacing in between curve points. You can resample curve number of points by following this method.

or use Blender 3.0 beta with geomtry node that have a resampling fonction in it.

If you bend the panel with a curve modifier you should be able to still use generated coordinates. If you apply the modifier generated coordinates will get warped. Also works with simple deform and probably some other modifiers as well, can’t remember.