Honda CB750 Nighthawk Cafe Racer

Hi there. Returning to Blender after a long hiatus.

Trying to improve my technique, I just blocked together this thing, instead of trying to make everything perfect from the start and then tossing the model as the proportions are off and I’m bored. I will make one more step before the final model, where I will fix some proportions and stuff like that, but I’m happy with the proportions right now (besides the front of the frame). It will be all quads and nice poly flow, and for the final part I will just make some sharp edges for subsurf and renders.

I already got nice references for the frame, wheels, and a few for the engine. Will start ASAP. I’m just posting this crappy image here to motivate myself and later on see the progress. In the end it will be a high poly, top quality model, but that can take some time, so I’m not posting in Focused critique. It will be good, I promise :ba:

Looks good so far. Looking forward on the progress!