Honda CBR600f

(system) #1

Heres a fun project, more or less finished.
Rendered with cycles.

High res

Hdr available at

(jjjuho) #2

Bike itself looks superb, but aint it a tad too big compared to environment? Not sure if its perspective or the size though

Anyway good job!

(Spychar) #3

Okay, so u posted photo references. Can we now get an actual model :stuck_out_tongue: (5*)

(Johnson-Martin) #4

Great model! But the scaling is way off :confused:

(dns_di) #5

This is the most realistic cycles render I have seen to date, period.

(ShadowCamero) #6

Very realistic! I also agree, the scaling is way off. But amazing render!

(ptaszek) #7

BIM!!! really nice one!

(michalis) #8

Needs more light on the shadows.
Otherwise, it is an excellent job. My *5

(ComputerWhiz) #9

It is too big for the scene and the lighting doesn’t quite match the scene, but great model.

(David McDermott) #10

Impressive! Nice subject too.

(Sebastian Zapata) #11

One of the best I have seen. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

(rahbari) #12

it’s very realistic nice model
but scale is wrong.

(navybrat) #13

awesome realistic render!! kudos!

(harleynut97) #14

Damn, this is really sweet! Just a magnificent job on this, and I really like the HDRI you went with.

(digitalreactor) #15

wow ! nice one

(Pierrick PICAUT) #16

heeee… OK you just bough a new moto and wanted to share the pics right? :eek:
Amazingly done.

But I also think scaling is not fiting the HDRI
I’ll give it 5* anyway

(MatthewVermeulen) #17

This is really great work!!!

(NID Graphics) #18

Excellent render! But, like everyone else, I think it is too large for the environment. Something seems a little off about the shadows, not sure quite what. Maybe it is too narrow, or the kickstand doesn’t show, not sure . . . .

(Elsdon) #19

Well done. Very well indeed.

(rombout) #20

wow excellent render, spot on material! and yes its to big :wink: