Honda Civic '98 - cycles

Have been gone for a while and now decided to put some life back in it.
I had to admit i was a little disorientated but i am getting more familiar by the second haha!

I recently bought my first car a Honda Civic '98 and wanted to recreate it.
It actually is a really low res model and gave it subsurf level 2 and added a few extra edges.
Looked at a few car materials and wanted to recreate them using some existing ones.
Also the lighting was a b*tch, i’m trying to recreate a realistic studio photography but i find it hard to accomplish that.

So any C&C is very appreciated!
Last but not least the render :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

A few edits, going to only make the strip on the door plastic the rest metallic :slight_smile:
Here a lowpoly render :wink:

well… not bad, although some parts near the fenders look a bit bad… but then those are the most difficult parts, so nice work.

Thanks :slight_smile:
And yeah my topology needs a good boost hehe.
I guess watching alot of tutorials and trying is the best.
Someone has some special tips for that?

I forgot to mention that i like your model. Just have seen your concept car and was like WOW! You really got it, man!

Keep Blending like that, you’ll master it some day soon!

It’s late night:confused: and instead of authors subsription i went to impreza’s threads. So i’m sorry for writing nonsense. Still love this Honda and impreza’s concept too. I should go to sleep.:smiley:

Thanks! and the honda designs are awesome indeed! thanks again haha :wink:
i admit topology and patience are my biggest problems…
Going to look at the tutorial now and try to enhance the car.

though you went to my profile and got on my site or something haha xD
Had to think there for a second to, and damn good tutorial you gave me thnx!

A small update, tried to fix the topology, need to learn alot i guess. But it’s a start :slight_smile:
Also fixed the front bumper and added the window plastic and the side mirrors.

For some weird reason the front fender still looks messy.
Here a screen of my wireframe there.
Am i doing something wrong?

Again a small update, with material it is looking better :slight_smile:
Should i go for an interior ?? that shit is hard, haha! :blush:

The windows are just fillups, still have to work on them :wink:

Very nice renders! You have that exact shader which I would expect on this car :smiley: He he. I look’d @ your fender and i would pick some minor edge flows. What you would archieve is that all the lines should look like the right edge of the door. Smoothly curved lines from all views (front, side, top). Your model looks great i must admitt but repaired topology would rise it to next level :smiley:

Thanks for the good example of how to fix it.
Have some other things to do now, but i hope i can check it tonight or atleast tomorrow afternoon!
Thanks a bunch!