honda civic.. critique please

my first work to show here on elysiun… a small test animation of a honda civic… the windows are not transparent cause there’s nothing inside yet…

comments & critique very welcome

link to the crappy divx encoded avi at

Did you use the old “cutting through steel” tutorial to make the tire marks? Very cool looking action.

great model, nice anim! how did You tyre marks?


Tha’s just plain AWESOME!!!

Nice =) i love the shine on the car its perfect- great job

thanks for the comments!

the tyre tracks are just a lot of particles with a tyre texture… done with one emitter just above the ground with rows of vertices in the places of the tyres…

Haha…Brilliant idea, and excellent execution.

PS. did you use a panoramic texture for the background?

That’s very well done! Excuse me while I go to the window to make sure my Honda is still there. :wink:

Thx even more!

:smiley: hehe VelikM… btw surprise surprise I have a civic too!

And to M@dcow… yup the backgroud is a panorama image mapped to a sphere…