--Honda Civic Hatchback-- pg6 BIG Update, Render

As some of you allready know I modell cars, nothing else lately!
here’s my new project, a honda civic :smiley:
Hope you like it!

latest render:

You can se the whole progress on this link:

you know, I own a Civic hatch back.

I was gonna start a project with that, too but you beat me to the forum punch, even if my car’s an '89 model. oh, well.

About a year a go, with your mazda model, you taught me SO much about modeling and now, i get to thank you.

And this model’s crazy awesome, too. you should really think about animating some of these cars.

but one question: How do you make a chassis/engine the right way? i’ve tried, but can’t get it right.

once again, mad props.

Looking good.

I had a 2000 Civic Coupe Vti, I think the big brother to this model. Now got a new shape Type R. :<

Mesh looks very clean, only crit would be the grill area and the front bumper. There should be a dip in the top of the bumper where it meets the bottom of the grill.

Nice work,

Sonix. (Honda enthusiast.)

You are amazing. Is there any way we could see a wireframe render or screen capture?

I’m trying to model cars, but I’m not having too much luck… …any pointer you could offer a noob?

Many thanks,

Eric “GuitarEC”
Psycho-Bob Productions

Really nice work so far.

sonix is correct about the bumper having a bit of a dip as well at the grill area. As I had a 2000 SI coupe once, I remember that dip very well.

see here


I wish they still made the hatchback (or the crx :). I needed a new car and couldn’t find any hatches in the very good condition I wanted, so now I have a boring old new model civic…


Excellent modeling! I can’t see anything wrong with it. :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate it if you could post a close up wireframe render of the side of the car where the dent in the middle is rounded off at the end near the front wheel arch. If I can find out how to tackle that area I might continue working on the car I started at the time of 2.34

Looking good so far! I would say though the hood needs a little work. In the middle where the hood rises higher than the sides…I think that needs to be a little more pronounced IMHO.

I had a Civic sedan until crashing it recently. Great car. Getting a MINI now though.


it’s comin along nicely

maybe a serious candidate for the place of king of car modeling instead of speedtiti

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, thanks guys, I really appreciate the comments!
Don’t know if I should show you the next picture, maybe I’m a little ashamed
because it’s a 3ds max render of honda, only a test one but…
You can call me a trator, maybe I am but I was just going for QUICKER and cleaner renders, hope you’ll forgive me!
Even if I use max for renedering i’m not really into modelling with it (I don’t konw how) because I still think Blender is the best poly MODELLING program there is, and by that I mean irreplaceable!

Sorry once again, here’s the pic!


One day I will be able to model this well (if I work hard at it). In the meantime I can only look and drool - Wonderful work!



Exactly my train of thought too. I do the same, although not so much now the renderer in Blender is a bit faster.


Looking good!

No crits yet, however just don’t put a coffee can on the muffler like so many people are doing as of late.

Nice paint shader… those I supose its a 3ds one %| oohh well. Its looking like a mighty fine civic. looking forward to more update.

Update on this car, small render (Blender + Yafray + Post) this time :smiley:

The rims you had on the second image were much better

Headlights finished, some tweaking, minor details,…
Hope you like :wink:


No replies? I guess it’s perfect then!! :wink: lol

Find some differences


Looking good. :Z

Whoa, very nice. I liked the other rims more. More WRC-ish I think :slight_smile: