Honda Civic Hatchback - Tuned

Some of you remember my Civic I made long ago, and here’s a tuned version of it, hope you like…:cool:

Looks very good, but the edges seem a bit “jagged”, and what are those lines on the hood? Do you accidentally have a copy of the hood occupying the exact same place as the hood?

It does look jaggie looks like bad image compression to me. I think the hood is carbon. looks good I wish the pic was cleaner.

I have seen that effect in real life, but only on those “safety windows” of some cars.

Yes hood is carbon, and the small part under the front bumper, it’s textured.
May be jaged because of the compression or because of small AA…

I put an 2/2 AA in Yafray settings, maybe it should be higher.
Amazing with this settings it renders for about 10-12 mins.

Thanks for comments:)

Definately a great render! yeah, try min. 4/4 samples in yafray - and try making a GI render of it. Really cool, good modelling. :slight_smile: