Honda Civic Hatchback

I really don’t have much interest in this project so i decided to render it and call it finished :expressionless:

Render made using Yafray!! :smiley:
Have fun! Now, on to my next car…


Cool, I like that very much! At least a bit different from all the ususal “nice shiny reflective material”-cars. How did you make that material?
But the rubber of the tires looks a bit off.

Looks great. Is that one of those paintjobs that changes colors depending on what angle you look at it?

Really cool!

Bleargh! I hate those paintjobs in real life! But they look quite good in CG!

the material isn’t amazing, I mean it just looks like he used noise… The model is great the render is great, but everyone are gettings boners over a material that probably took 2 secs to tweak…

There’s no need to exaggerate. The material isn’t great but it’s good, I meant the overal model is great. Also, just because something is done quickly doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good, you shouldn’t judge someone’s work by how much time they spend on it…

I think its obvious he just used a noise texture for the paint, but I don’t think it takes anything away from the project. Great job man, that’s the kind of thing I hope to do someday.

Very nice. No crits at all. Have you considered adding your model to the Blender 3D Model Repository?

Wow, thank you a lot guys, didn’t expect such good comments! :smiley:
A little hint about carpaint:
It’s a regular fresnel reflection with very small amount of noise as a
bump map, and in yafray there’s an option to blur reflection which in
this case was HDRI map.

Once again, thank you

Good model :o - but I don’t like the colour :frowning:

Only one crit: the windows dont reflact anything and are too dark.

Other than that - 1st class work. :]

The glass doesn’t reflect anything and is way to dark. I suggest putting a white plane above with car out of the camera’s view for some nice reflection. It simulates the sky and is what most pros do for better render results. Good Luck.