Honda Civic Type R 2004.

I have bought one of these beauties, so it seems only right I should model it.

Please click here for work in progress.

C&C appreciated. Some jpeg loss.

Click here if you need to see reference images.


looks nice. It seems like honda sells slightly nicer cars in the uk than the us, though the type R looks similar to (identical?) the s-class.
good work so far, nice car, looking forward to updates.

There you go again with your overly reflective paint :stuck_out_tongue: Nice modeling so far, but the reflection on the lower half of the texture is a bit much… looks weird if you ask me. Wheel spokes also seem a bit thin but I’m no structural engineer so ignore me.

Thanks my friends. Similar to A class but bigger and much better looking IMHO.

Desoto mate, my real car has very reflective paint. Car paint is generally very reflective, especially metallic paints. The photos I had of my car went down with reblended, but I’ll put them online again for reference.

The paint settings are about 0.6 raymir and 2.0 fresnel factor 1.25. 5 shades of red in the diffuse ramp shader with a base orange shader (see the roof) and two shades of red in the spec ramp.

Wheels should be correct thickness as I modeled them from a photo, I forgot two of the spokes so they have been added. Maybe I should make them a little thicker.

Also a tyre valve with dustcap on each wheel and I’ve nearly finished the seats.

Please click here, recent renders at top of page.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.


Hey that looks awesome I also like to model cars. I have two question

  1. How did you go about modeling it I took the tutorial on
  2. how did you get those indents on the car tire, the rubber stuff
    If you want go to the works in progress beetle car to see my car :slight_smile:

Hi Hoagie, I used a couple of polymodeling tutorials for cars. The Fiat 500 and a Beetle one. Once you have learnt how to set up blueprints and learnt how to start, the rest seems to become easier the more cars you make.

The thing is I think I’ve learnt more through trail and error, although without those tutes I wouldn’t have know where to begin. I have since moulded my own method which I should try and explain in a tutorial for others to try.

For the tyre tread, I used a jpeg of a tyre tread for UV mapping, which I mapped only onto the center faces. I used the same texture in a material slot mapped via UV. Then only selected Nor in the texture buttons. A black material with little specular and the tread jpeg mapped to nor.

Hope this helps,


Lots of modeling over the weekend.

Please click here to view.



WOW! Looks great, Sonix!! How bout the classic Sonix paint job now!

Awesome work.


Now that is the paint style and reflection level that I have been telling you to hit. You got it this time. Excellent work man.

Modelling is spot on too. You get better with each car you model.


Thanks mate, I’ve had to tone down the usual Sonix colour flip paint, cos it’s apparently tooooooo reflective. :wink: But now I have the correct look, I’ll get to work on a flip version.

Result. :smiley: It’s taken me nearly two years to get it. Wicked!!!

Sonix. <Proper happy>

Great - as usual.
Did I mention that I hated you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I finally decided to try and model a car by the way and quickly began regretting the decision almost as much as my other decision to model a head. :smiley:


Very good modeling so far. Front lights materail needs tweaking though, it should be more chrome. Did you do the treads with bump maps by the way?


Caleb72, don’t hate me man. :wink: The first car is always the worst, unless you possess some amazing talent. Just try and try again. As I mentioned in my post above, it’s taken me nearly 2 years to be this bad and as I’ll always maintain, I have a long way to go yet.

Antiggo, Chrome lights are being a pain, need to make them more plastic than metal, they have a black col and need a white col.

Treads are UV mapped as Nor texture in the tyre material. Check out my material library in finished projects, the tyre materials are in there.

Might not get chance to work on this till next week, but I’ll post new progress as and when.